Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Raheem - The Invincible

Raheem is a rapper from the neighborhood of 5th Ward in Houston, TX. He started off as one of the original members of the Geto Boys but left to pursue a solo career. He dropped his first album in 1988 called The Vigilante. This is his second album and was released in 1992 on Rap-A-Lot Records. Production on this record was done by Big Chief and Crazy C. This is an excellent record considering how old it is. Raheem has a gangster delivery and is known for dissing many rappers in the game


DREGS 1 said...

was a pretty dope album, best song was the track about 5th ward

Jamie Rice said...

I still bump Raheem til this day...I still feel like The Invincible was so raw and emotion-driven that it made way for everything else on the album. Underground Jugglin,5th Ward,Kiss The Bride,Death In The Arena are all awesome as well, I am a rappers rapper so my appreciation for certain songs most likely will differ from the average consumer.