Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ganksta C - Stepchild

Ganksta C is a rapper from Dallas, TX. He is the younger brother of the infamous Ron C. This was his second album and was released in 1995 on Profile Records. It was produced by Eddie Carey and Michael Grayson. They did a great job with the beats. This is straight up Texas funk. Heavy and deep bass with some nice sampling. Lyrics are dope and hardcore on this one. Featuring guests on the album are Ron C, Art, Byron B and Tyrone. Overall its a great album and Ganksta C really shines on it. He has also released a very rare underground tape called Str8 Drama prior to this album.


Tom Indingaro said...

this is not his debut release.... he came out with a tape titled Str8 Drama although I am not able to find it at the moment

QDawg said...

Yep you are right. I guess I should have said major label debut. I also have only heard of the underground tape but I think one of my homies has it. I'll try to get it and put it up here. Sorry for the confusion.

Hanz said...

Post the tape plz.