Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bally Boyz

Bally Boyz is a bounce group from New Orleans, LA. The four members are Class Tha Player, Rappin' Roy, L.O.G. and Fila Phil. This is their self titled album and it was released in 1995 on Slaughterhouse Records. The production was handled by masters like Ice Mike, J'Ro'J, Terrible T and L.O.G. The beats are electronically derived and contain a good amount of sampling. With a commendable cast of producers one can only expect greatness. This is New Orleans bounce at its best. Lyrics can be described as rough and are shot at a quick rate. All four members take turns on the microphone and unleash their vivid styles and showcasing their talent. L.O.G. and Fila Phil really do standout from the rest. Featuring on the album is Lil' E and Nina. Not enough can be said about this release, from how the content just oozes originality to how well it is put together from the ground up. All eleven tracks are a pleasure to listen to, even the two radio edits. It was a genuine effort by the group and one that happens to be very sought after.

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Anonymous said...

I remember those Boys they were the shit. If I remember right Class was also known as Classy C. How can I get a copy of that joint? Holla