Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crime Affiliates - Crime Pay$

Crime Affiliates is a group from Savannah, GA. The group consists of Camoflauge, twin brothers Big Greed & Lil' Sneed, and the female emcee, MoWet. This is their debut album and it was released in 1999 on Pure Pain Records. The production was done by John Johnson, Lavar Truesdales, Lamar and K Eady. The beats are dope southern beats with nice hooks and samples. The lyrics are straight. Each member in the group can easily check the mic. Especially Camoflauge, he stands out the most. There is one feature on here and its from Phantom. This group did what everyone thought they couldn't do and that was to put Savannah on the map. This was the short lived groups' only album but member Camoflauge pursued a solo career. He was later killed in 2003 while walking with his son outside his studio. He was 21. Rest in peace 'Flauge.

Deadly Verses

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sheef said...

rest in peace to my nigga flauge. thug nigga dont live that long. this sheefybazemoe my nigga. imma continue to hold you down on the music scene. sav cport city. eastside fifth ward waters ave bound.