Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wreckless Klan - Blowin' Up Tha Scene

Wreckless Klan is a group from Houston, TX. The three members are Point Blank, Ice Lord and PSK-13. This was the group's only album and was released in 1996 on Bigtyme Recordz. Production on this record is done by the magnificent Bruce "Grim Reaper" Rhodes. He is assisted by the likes of DJ Blast and Marlin Demby. The beats are hard hitting and are also backed up by killer rhymes. Features on the album are from Klondike Kat and Maré Jayne. This group is also affiliated with the South Park Coalition (S.P.C.). The album was dedicated in the memory of Point Blank's younger brother. Rest in peace .38.

Deadly Verses
Cruel World ft. Klondike Kat

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