Saturday, October 11, 2008

B.G.'Z - True Story

B.G.'Z is a duo from New Orleans, LA. It consists of rapper Lil' Doogie later known as B.G. and Lil' Wayne. This was their debut album and was released in 1995 on Cash Money Records. B.G. was 14 and Lil' Wayne was just 12 years old at the time of this album's recording. Both of them were full with raw and uncut lyrics. Production was provided by the one and only Mannie Fresh. He gave the record dope beats while the rappers contributed with hard rhymes. Featuring on the album is E. Vicious of X-Mob, Ms. Tee, U.N.L.V. and Mr. Ivan. This record also contains the infamous diss to Mystikal and Big Boy Records. Later on this duo would add two more members to the group and would be known as the Hot Boy$.

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