Tuesday, October 28, 2008

.380 - Gangsta Mack

.380 is a group from the southside of Houston, TX. The two rappers are 2 Fancy and J Slash. This was their debut album and was released in 1995 on Dilinjah Records. Production was handled by J Slash. The beats are made to bang in the trunk and are straight up Texas Funk. The lyrics go real well with the beats. Both members can spit. Their style is unique and so is the subject matter. Although this was the groups' only album, they have made appearances with some well known names. They were featured on DJ Screw's 3 'N The Mornin' Pt. 2 and on Gang Society's The Games Finest. This album also contains the song with the famous verse that was later heavily sampled by UGK and used as the chorus on the track "Diamonds & Wood" from their album Ridin' Dirty. This is a short record but it is well worth the listen.

Deadly Verses
Elbows Swang

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