Saturday, October 25, 2014

Scorpio - Deadly As The Venom Part 1

Scorpio is a rapper and producer who represents from Biloxi, MS. Hailing from the infamous "Buck City," he is certainly no stranger to hard times. This can easily be sensed through his jagged verses as well as the mood that is set for the album. To simply test the waters, Scorpio originally just pressed a hundred copies of Part 1 but after receiving a nice reception from the surrounding cities, he ended up releasing a re-issue in the year 2000. Deadly As The Venom is his debut album and it was released in 1999 on Too Real Records. The production on the project is handled by Keith Falgout, SMP and Scorpio himself. The beats utilize a good range of instruments and easily carry a crisp southern sound. Although the tracks are all derived originally, mainly to avoid sampling issues and publishing problems, there are times when they tend to become overly simple and basic. Lyrically the album is quite good and is definitely a step above any local release. Scorpio scorches the microphone with his hard rhymes and certainly portrays them in a unique fashion. His pace is fairly quick for the most part and the back up vocals are also all on point. Guest appearances are made by AK, Lady, Big Face, SMP, Gangsta Red and Unforgiven. All in all its a brilliant effort by the Mississippi native but also one that fell through the cracks. Its a shame though because the quality of the content is really superb. It is unknown if Part 2 was ever released or any other album for that matter by Scorpio.

Deadly Verses
Label Me A Kingpin

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fiend - Won't Be Denied

Fiend is a rapper and producer who represents out of the 17th Ward in New Orleans, LA. He is well known for his raspy tone and rough delivery. After losing his brother to the streets at a very early age, Fiend resorted to rap and poetry to help ease the pain. Eventually his talents came across the keen eye of Charles Temple and he was quickly signed to the then newly founded, Big Boy Records. Won't Be Denied is his debut album and it was released in 1995 on the same label. The production is done by the magnificent Leroy "Precise" Edwards and he entices the listener with a good selection of funky rhythms. The tracks are laced together with multiple instruments and although this is one of Precise's early pieces, it still happens to carry his signature style of melody. Fiend is known throughout the southern region as an accomplished lyricist and at one point of time was regarded as one of the best kept secrets of the Dirty South. His rhymes are delivered with high intensity and are filled with dynamic word play. His hefty southern drawl and his distinct harsh voice is the powerful root for all the ballads. They are delivered with utter precision and are also fired at a rapid rate. Fiend's days with Big Boy Records were short lived though and he would later be enlisted as a valuable soldier in the ever growing empire known as, No Limit. Not only did this move help propel his career but also gave him a worldwide following. Although he went on to bigger and better avenues such as his stint with the Ruff Ryders or his current membership in the group called Jet Life, this eager and sincerely humble beginning will never be forgotten due to the legacy it left behind.

Deadly Verses

Friday, October 10, 2014

Young Smitty - Takin Over

Young Smitty is a rapper from Tyler, TX. Best known for his collaboration with the Underground Kingz on the song "Tossed Up" from the Major Players Compilation by Mean Green. He was 16 years old when he first met UGK in 1997 at a show in Lake Charles, LA. To this day he still considers Bun B and Pimp C (R.I.P.) as his role models and mentors. Smitty was also among the first group of artists that were brought to the Trill Entertainment label by Pimp C. Takin Over is his debut album and it was finally released in 2001 on Imperial Entertainment after numerous attempts and mishaps. It is magnificently produced by Steve Below and Dale "Rambro" Ramsey while DJ Dolby D provides his signature style of mixing and scratching. The beats can simply be summed up as a collective of southern funk straight from Texas. The producers intent was to achieve a laid back sound that is accomplished through multiple instruments and displayed very generously. Lyrically the album is a little on the lack luster side. Although Smitty possesses a commendable rhyme pattern and is really proficient on the microphone, he does tend to get somewhat repetitive. The album can be split into two halves due to lack of intensity and quality of content. The release might have its fair share of highs and lows but it still should not discourage the listener. Guest appearances are made by UGK, PSK-13, A-Dam-Shame and 3re Da Hardaway. All in all it is a solid attempt by Smitty Da Pimp and one that somehow went unnoticed. It could have been the incarceration that he faced up until 2009 or the early falling out between him and the Trill Ent. label that marred the album from achieving any kind of prominent success.

Deadly Verses

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sons Of Egypt - The Phenomenal

Sons Of Egypt is a group from Houston, TX. It consists of two brothers whom are under the aliases as M.C. Crown and DJ King Kut. The two siblings are of Egyptian descent and they give numerous references to their country of origin throughout their songs. The Phenomenal is their debut album and it was released in 1998 on Bluenile Records. Production is solely handled by DJ King Kut who basically provides all the excellent beats. They are fused with some dope samples and contain a ton of mixing and scratching. The sound and melody is so unique and invigorating that it seems somewhat difficult to categorize. The project really comes to life when the beats are paired with the lyrics. Although the rhymes are not all that awe-inspiring, they are very distinct and are meshed beautifully with the beats. M.C. Crown takes care of most of the rapping while King Kut chips in on some tracks. Additional Vocals are presented by Mona Zaki, Ray Waldon, Kareem Gamal and Haitham Salem. Overall this record is a work of art that oozes style and its unorthodox nature is displayed quite efficiently. Instead of recording material with a mundane mindset and trying the same old tired methods, this group sets out towards a different horizon. They prove that this achievement can be attainable without having to sellout to record companies or major labels. In the end, the album remains as a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered from the caverns of the underground.