Monday, October 20, 2008

Mr. Lucci - Diabolical

Mr. Lucci is a rapper from Dallas, TX. He first appeared on Mr. Pookie's album "Tha Rippla" at the age of only 15. He is regarded as one of the pure lyricists to step out of Dallas. This was his debut album and was released in 2001 on Iconic Records. Production on this record was done by the one and only Kevin A. He provided nothing but fabulous beats and put the keyboard to good use. Mr. Lucci mostly spits fast paced rhymes with great amounts of word play. Featuring on the album is K-Roc, Mr. Pookie, 3-AD, Solo, Big Chiefa, Shamike and Liquid Black. Lyrical flows backed up by fantastic production was the recipe used here. This album set an example to what records should really sound like even in the new millennium.

Deadly Verses


Anonymous said...

hey to whom it may concern i grew up on this music in a small tow in texas and it really has inspired me to be the best and do my best my name is fred and me and my padnas use to bump this to tha fullest any way man if you get this lucci hit me up man id be honored for real but any way God bless us all and keep standing tall player and playets ps. mn i been looking for this cd for about 7 or more years man thats when music was music man i just want to thank you man it relaxes my mind to know that u on line any way any body that want to get at me prayfor me and lets all get this money God b less u later big homie fred

Anonymous said...

I tried to email you Fred, but it said the address was no good. I work for Mr. Lucci. Give me a shout if you ever check on your blog posts, we would love to get you a copy of the album.

Ethan said...

Is that offer still up for luck albums? Lol

Plus is he doing anything now? I know he's in that Dallas movie that's coming out this month