Friday, October 3, 2008

Sho - Trouble Man

Sho is a rapper from Houston, TX. This was his debut album and was released in 1993 on Wize Up Records. Production on this under rated and slept on album was done by Willie D and The 2 Horsemen. The beats have that deep fried southern twang to them and Sho's lyrics are serious and have a lot of depth. Featuring on the album is none other than Willie D of the Geto Boys. Sho went on to release one more album in 1998 and then retired from the rap game.


Hanz said...

Very underrated indeed.

SAWN OFF said...

yeh this album was one that slipped thru my hands back in the 90's, didnt cop it till about 6 years ago, shit still gets a spin in the cd player till this day

truly a worthy album of the south