Tuesday, October 14, 2008

20-2-Life - Up 4 Parole

20-2-Life is a group from Houston, TX. It consists of Killa Hoe and Black. They are affiliated with the South Park Coalition. This is their second album and was released in 1994 on Bigtyme Recordz. Production on this piece was done by Dope-E, Ice Mike, Tiger, Black and Klondike Kat. The beats are perfect from start to finish. Great use of samples and synths, they are blended together very nicely. Southern gangsta rap is what the lyrics resemble. Both the rappers' styles go together very smoothly and have good chemistry. Features are courtesy of PSK-13, K-Rino, Point Blank and Klondike Kat. This album also contains one of the best S.P.C. click songs which is the last track and is almost 11 minutes long.

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JB said...

Was jammin this record today, amazing album and blog! Keep up the good work!