Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mddl Fngz - Trouble

Mddl Fngz is a group from the southside of Houston, TX. It was formed by Bun B of UGK as a side project. The members are Young Kilo, Bandit, Bad Azz Bam, Sean Wee, Danjah Ray and Big Munsta. This is their debut album and was released in 2000 on Perfecto Records. Production on this album was done by Pimp C, Happy Perez, John Bido and Danjah Ray. The beats are tight and are mixed nicely. All the members can spit well. They each have a distinct flow and tone. Featuring on the album is UGK, Yung Buk of Psycho Drama and C-Note of the Botany Boys. Overall it's a great album and has good content which does not disappoint.

Deadly Verses
My B*tch

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