Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Durdy Jack Lex Ball - Platinum Status

Durdy Jack Lex Ball - Platinum Status
Durdy Jack Lex Ball is a group from Nashville, TN. It consists of four members. Mossberg Durdy, King Jack, Lex Luther and C-Ball. Platinum Status is their debut album and it was released in 1999 on Pullin' It Entertainment. Production on this record was done by B-Z and Shorty P. The beats are one of a kind but still maintain that down south flavor. The lyrics are pretty good but at times they seem to get repetitive. All four members are somewhat lyrical and use clever word play in their rhymes frequently. Featuring guests on the album are Baby of Big Tymers, Bun B of UGK, Turk of the Hot Boy$, Wicked of Ghetto Mafia, Young Buck and Servin' The World Click. This is a great album overall. Bumping beats mixed with dope lyrics and finished off with a cast of some of the best featuring artists you can find on an album together. 

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Unknown said...

They're not from no tennessee. They're from Arkansas.