Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lock Down Inmates - Wussup Wit It?

Lock Down Inmates is a group from the notorious streets of Dallas, TX. It consists of Oak Cliff Assassin, Mista Dre, L-Double-E, The Godfather, Mx2, Kanine and Roc B. This is their second album and it was released in 1996 on Lock Down Records. Production on this fine record is done by the group members themselves. The beats are straight fire and are representation of southern funk. Lyrically, all seven members can wreck the booth if need be. Each member displays their skills on different tracks. Featuring artists are Play 'R, Cisco, Alias Clay and Bridgette Fontaine. As a group they went on to release a couple more albums and then eventually disbanded. Also some of the members have solo and collaboration records.

Deadly Verses


Fruits Of Nature said...

pls re-up this and if U have out on parole and correctional facilities let me know cause I would pay for that, thank u.

QDawg said...

This one is back up. I have Out On Parole, I'll post it in a few days or so.

Fruits Of Nature said...

THANKS A LOT, I've got a lot albums in 320, so hit me if you need sum!!