Thursday, October 9, 2008

A-Dam-Shame - Revelations: The Beginning Of The End

A-Dam-Shame is a group originally from Memphis, TN but later moved to Atlanta, GA around 1995. The three members are Menace, 12 Gauge and Lil' Walt. This album was released in 1997 on Trumpp Tight Records. Production on this record was handled by Pimp C of UGK and Decatur's own Mr. Ku. Nothing but tight beats and dope rhymes on this one. This is straight up underground gangsta rap and is also one of the better albums to come out of Atlanta. Featuring guests are UGK and Too $hort. The meaning behind their name A-Dam-Shame, comes from many different struggles this group faced. Like living in poverty, hustling and surviving the street life. They were considered by society to be a damned shame.

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Anonymous said...

Can someone reupload this if it's possible. It would be greatly appreciated.