Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ghetto Mafia - Straight From The Dec

Ghetto Mafia is a duo from Decatur, GA. The two rappers are Wicked and Nino. This is their third album and was released in 1997 on Fully Loaded Records. Production on this record was done by Derrick Handspike. He gave the album some of the most unorthodox yet amazing beats you can find. Deep low bass with lots of blues samples and hints of P-Funk samples. Both, Nino and Wicked can spit very well. They each have a distinct flow and style and they show that on just about every track. Featuring on the album is T.J. and Warrenentta Dobson. Straight From The Dec maintains its good content all throughout the album. The duo achieved nationwide success with this release but that was quickly cut short due to a two and a half year incarceration of Nino.

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Hanz said...

Too bad the duo's nationwide success with this release was quickly cut short!! They needed it. Dope album, though.