Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vicious - I Ball Like Kobe

Vicious also known as E. Vicious is a rapper from Lake Charles, LA. He was also a member in the group called, X-Mob. Vicious is a very versatile lyricist. His street dialect and rough tone is well known throughout the south. After a prison stint which took him away from music for several years, he returned with I Ball Like Kobe in 2002 on Par-La Records. Production was done by Dolby D, Gambeno, Ricky Diamonds and Wesley Stuart. The beats are top notch and they accommodate his flow well. Lyrics are undeniably as real as can be. His style of flow has not changed at all and he certainly lives up to his name. Featuring on the album is Pimp C of UGK, Cory Mo, E.S.G., K-Mac, P.O.P., Brandy, Hassan and Analyssa. Overall its an excellent comeback album and one that managed to slip through the cracks. Vicious is also a long time affiliate of the legendary Underground Kingz and has now inked a deal with UGK Records.

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