Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ghetto Souljahz - Graveyard Shift

Ghetto Souljahz - Graveyard Shift
Ghetto Souljahz is a group from Nashville, TN. It consists of Syco, Kazz, Lil' C and Mynd Ryte. Graveyard Shift was released in 1996 on Bottom Boy Records. Production was managed by Syco. He filled the G-Funk influenced beats with deep bass lines and solid rhythms. He also provides the mixing and scratching. All four members are adequate lyricist. Their rhymes are ruthless and violently themed. Featuring on the album is D-Smoov and Havoc & Prodeje of the South Central Cartel. Although this album is considered a rarity, it still does not disappoint with the underground content. The group fell apart in the late 90's due to creative differences and views on music. Years later Syco formed another group called Slimm Good.


Attack_on_Babylon said...

Boring album. Also, this is NOT g-funk, nor is it g-funk influenced.

Attack The Cunt said...

Boring album?? i guess when an C.D doesnt consist of Lil Wayne or 50cent you dont jizz over the cover, must be something about those greased up roided pecks that floats ya boat.

BB out north said...

Mane, can't nobody fuck with this ol' shit here from The Bottom back in tha '95. "Ready to Fight" & "Ain't That a Bitch" is tight that a ma'fucka, among the other songs. I went to Whites Creek got dammit and live out north. Don't nunna these new age studio gangstas know nuthin' bout rap & slangin packs. The old school can't be beat, and Graveyard Shift is hard as hell... and has better sound quality than you gonna find.