Friday, December 26, 2008

Mr. 3-2 - Fatt Domino

Mr. 3-2 - Fatt Domino
Mr. 3-2 is a rapper from Houston, TX. He first started in 1991 with New Orleans rapper Big Mike. The duo released the self-titled album "Convicts" on Rap-A-Lot Records. After that Big Mike joined the Geto Boys for a short while and 3-2 went solo. Mr. 3-2 was also a affiliate of the legendary Screwed Up Click. Fatt Domino is his first real record release in many years. It was released in 2008 on Down South Records. Production was managed by Sics, Billy Cook and 3-2 himself. The beats maintain that deep fried southern twang and hit hard all through out the album. 3-2's lyrics are very laid back and smooth. His delivery has changed over the years but not much. He makes sure that his flow is still vivid and certainly gangsta. Featuring artists on the album are Spice 1, Hawk, Big Steve, Lil' O, Hershelwood Hardheadz, Swab, 24/7, Boo Flick, Trea and Jason Perry. Overall its a noteworthy release and a well accepted album from the Wicked Buddah Baby.

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ThaIgk said...

I liked this album same as Wicked Budda Baby...both of them are great records...