Thursday, December 4, 2008

D - Straight Texas Hoodlum

D is a rapper from Trinity Garden, which is located on the northside of Houston, TX. D and his longtime friend, J.F. started Cartel Records in the early 90's. D was also the leader of the infamous group, Trinity Garden Cartel. This album was released in 1995 on Cartel Records. Production was managed by the great Mike B and Loranzo Samuels while it is congenially mixed by the legendary, Mike Dean. Beats are straight up southern fried funk. They contain deep bass lines and some menacing hooks. D's flow is always original. His delivery is hard and his vile tone can be easily heard on every track. Featuring on the album is DMG and Reginald Hackett. Although D is in prison right now and is serving a 25 year sentence, this was by far one of the greatest albums ever released by him and Cartel Records. This record's rarity and under rated demeanor makes it one that should be coveted for its pure content.

Deadly Verses

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Anonymous said...

I was young then when D was making the first album. Hanging with his nephews up at the studio and was ultimately surprised to see the best bass player and vocalist in the world my big brother Smoked Out Reggie there doing what he do best. D was a master at rapping with the production team he had with Mike B behind the table collaborating with my brother made it a wonderful experience for a young fella at the time. D is one of my all time favorite rappers. he was one of the Houston pioneers who open that door for such people like Fat Pat,Big Hawk, Slim Thug, Keke and many more. I hate that he was interupted by legal issues in the beginning stage of becoming a legend like 2Pac.