Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meen Green - The Smoking Section

Meen Green is a rapper/producer originally from Los Angeles, CA but later moved to Atlanta, GA. He was also part of the group called The Western Hemisfear. This album was released in 1998 on Patchwerk Recordings. Production was handled by Pimp C of UGK, Jazze Pha, DJ Herb, Swift C and Payback. The beats are derived to be very melodic and contain solid bass lines as well as some strong synths. The lyrics are quite good. Some tracks stand out more than others but overall it keeps the listener entertained.. Featuring on the album is Pimp C of UGK, Jazze Pha, Sonji, Mykill Miers and Nadirah Shakoor. Meen Green has worked with numerous artists from the south and west coast. Since the subject matter of this album was considered to be too much for the mainstream airwaves, this record remains as a well produced gem in the underground abyss.

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