Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lokee - Voodoo Gangsta Funk

Lokee - Voodoo Gangsta Funk
Lokee is a rapper from the notorious 7th Ward of New Orleans, LA. This is his second album and it was released in 1996 on Tombstone Records. Production was handled by DJ Tee, Ice Mike, Merrill "Real Roc" Robinson and Lokee. The beats are straight fire and contain some cryptic samples. Lyrics are very hardcore as well. His rhymes are eerie yet fast. They also hold solid amounts of word play. This album has one appearance and its by Magnolia Slim aka Soulja Slim. Lokee was always seemed ahead of his time. The production and the lyrics not only prove that but also show versatility and not to mention his own unique style which he likes to call Voodoo Gangsta Funk.

Deadly Verses


Anonymous said...

do you have lokee-i got dis?

QDawg said...

Yes I do and I'll post it shortly.