Friday, September 19, 2008

Critical Condition - CC Waterbound

Critical Condition is a group from Morgan City, LA. The three members are Will Chill, Money and Tech. This album was released in 1997 on Starvin' Artists Entertainment. The production is done by Pimp C of UGK and Mo B. Dick of Beats By The Pound. The beats are a pleasure to listen to because they are a perfect example of southern funk. The trio is quite capable lyrically. Their rhymes are pretty ruthless and know no boundaries. Guest appearances are made by UGK, Dolby D, Grimm, Aldon X, Shorty and Mo B. Dick. This was the group’s second album and it was one that surpassed expectations. Sadly, all the members are now locked up for various reasons and are facing some lengthy fed time.


Mask187 said...

Thanks man. Been looking for this one for a while. Couldn't agree with you more on the production.

alfred said...

this was the groups 2nd album.
i can't remember the name of the first.

Anonymous said...

CC is not from Morgan City. Merrick is the only one from Morgan City repping Syracuse. Will and Tech are from Thibodaux, what up homies! This some real down south muzik, ya heard. Hope these boyz get back on their feet! Much love to ya'll, MIDLAND in the building, ya know!

Anonymous said...

this was actually the third album

Anonymous said...

Will Chill Get @ My Folk.
I Lost Yah Contact Info.
I Aint Gotta Say Nut'n But A Few Words To Put It On Yah Mind.
Navasota And Lord-211. Oh NBONISI
LOL. Yeah GOD It'S Me. Lord-211 Da'5%er. Get @ Me.

Aldon said...

This is Aldon X orignial member of the CC click, CC waterbound born and raised. The group is now out of incarceration and Money is back in the studio working on release with up and coming Artist from the HOOD. Reping that Waterboy production, Alize, Money(CC Waterbound), And X-Rated(CC click.)
Many features from artist like, Mannie Fresh, Mystikal, Too Short, UGK, Slim Thug, Drake from rap-a-lot. ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!!!