Friday, September 19, 2008

Street Military - Don't Give A Damn

Street Military is a group from Houston, TX. The members are Pharoah, Icey Hott, K.B. Da Kidnappa, Lil' Flea and Nutt (R.I.P.). This is their third album and it was released in 1993 on Wild Pitch Records. The most intriguing thing about this group is that each member represents from a different neighborhood in Houston. Icey Hott is from Hiram Clarke, Lil' Flea is from Ridgemont 4 in Missouri City, Pharoah is from South Park and K.B. is from Trinity Gardens. They came together from all the different sides of town and formed a group that would go down in underground history. Along with that, each member brings their own style and flavor to the table. Pharoah has the fast paced tongue twisting flow, K.B. is raw and aggressive, Lil' Flea is all about word play and Icey Hott is the in-house DJ/producer of all their songs and albums. The beats on this album are sick and so are the lyrics. Also there is a feature from Klondike Kat. If one is sleeping on this group, then one is sleeping on Houston. Most people have heard the "Swang & Bang" music that comes out of H-Town, its now time to notice the real side of Houston Rap.

Deadly Verses

Deadly Video

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