Saturday, September 27, 2008

Psycho Ward -

Psycho Ward is a super group from the notorious city of New Orleans, LA. The group is well over twenty members deep but the main ones are Blaknificent, E.F. Cuttin, Raj Smoove, Mac "Da Camouflage Assassin," Coola, Stress, One Eye, Chill, King Solemn-One, Karamello, Paul J, B-Style, Brainstorm, Black Plague, Kool Breeze, Toppa, and last but not least, Anon. This is their debut album and it was released in 1997 on Dust Em Off Recordings (D.E.O.). The production was done by The Tribunal which basically consists of Raj Smoove, Blaknificent and E.F. Cuttin. The beats are all well crafted and carry a very distinct sound. They are very melodic and really seem to be a perfect fit for the group. The rhymes are certainly unique and they happen to have an east coast sound to them. Each member is more than capable on the microphone and can deliver their lyrics with a lot of passion and energy. Also worth noting is that the core content differs from your typical Louisiana record and definitely stands out from the rest, especially lyrically.

Deadly Verses

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