Thursday, September 18, 2008

Murder Inc. - Playin' For Keeps

Murder Inc. is a group from New Orleans, LA. The group consists of Crazy, Legend Man, MC L and the female emcee known as Alamo. Playin' For Keeps is their debut album and it was released in 1995 on Hard Head Records. Production is provided by Precise, Cazel, Jazz, Legend Man, Roland and Goldfingers. The beats carry a darker southern sound and all the melodies jam equally. Each member in the group has their own unique lyrical flow. Some adapt to a faster pace while other are more focused on word play. This album is considered by many to be one of the best albums to represent New Orleans, Louisiana. Murder Inc. went on to release one more album as a group and then split up. Members Crazy, Legend Man, and M.C. L all have solo records as well.

Deadly Verses


Anonymous said...

Sorry son this cd is wack except 4 the 1st track which is dope, but the rest..

Hanz said...

Not true , this CD is pure dope.