Thursday, September 18, 2008

K.B. & Lil' Flea - A Frightening Portrait Of The World In A Violent Time

K.B. Da Kidnappa & Lil' Flea are rappers from Houston, TX. Lil' Flea is from the neighborhood of Ridgemont 4 (Southside) and Kidnappa is from Trinity Garden (Northside). They are also in the group Street Military. This album was released in 1997 on X-Bam Records. Production on this record was handled by Scarface, T-Mixx & MJG. This is a very solid album. Lyrics are deep and the beats are heavy. K.B.'s flow is aggressive and raw while Lil' Flea is more focused towards rhyming and word play. Put them two together and you got a killer combination. Appearances on the album are from Pharoah, Klondike Kat, Icey Hott, Papa Reu, Fakkulty & Ronnie Spencer. This album is definitely worth a listen and it does not disappoint.


Fred said...

Dude, thanks a lot for posting this !! I'm coming from Paris, France, and I'm discovering Houston Rap, this album may be one the best album I've ever listened to. So hard, raw and real from start to finish !!!

Great great great album, thanks again !!!

QDawg said...

No Problem Fred, I agree man this album is one of my personal favorites. Like you said, from start to finish its untouchable.

Hanz said...

Mine too.