Sunday, September 21, 2008

2 Real - Welcome 2 Tha Real World

2 Real - Welcome 2 Tha Real World
2 Real is a rap group from Houston, TX. The two members are actually brothers who are under the aliases as Lil' V (Vinnie Valentine) and Lil' D (Mr. Everline). This group is also affiliated with the legendary Killa Klan and the South Park Coalition. This is their debut album and it was released in 1997 on Crunk Records. Production on this record was done by Icey Hott of Street Military, DJ Storm, D-Red of the Botany Boys and Jay Da Sinnusta. The beats are unforgiving and are straight out of gangster territory. The Lyrics, hooks and samples are all tight as well. Their rhymes portray a lot of realism and also happen to be very versatile. Featuring artists on the album are Klondike Kat, J-Bone, Brandi and Lil' Flea of Street Military. Mr. Everline is also the leader of local collective known as the $tack Pack.

Deadly Verses
Game ft. Lil' Flea

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