Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big Mike - Somethin' Serious

Big Mike is a rapper from New Orleans, LA. He started off with Houston rapper 3-2 in a group called Convicts. His next appearance was with the Geto Boys. He was brought in the group to replace Willie D for the 1993 album Till Death Do Us Part. He then began his solo career. Somethin' Serious was released in 1994 on Rap-A-Lot Records. Production on this record was done by Pimp C of UGK, Mike Dean, Bido 1 and N.O. Joe. This album is something serious indeed. The Beats are banging and smooth at the same time. Mike's lyrics are very nice and are on point. Even though this album was released in 1994, it doesn't sound like it. It is really ahead of its time. Appearances on the album are by Scarface, UGK, Billy Cook, A-Dogg and Lester Tone. This album is a must have.

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