Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pharoah - Six Foot Giant

Pharoah is a rapper from the notorious neighborhood of South Park in Houston, TX. He is a member of Street Military and is also the founder of the legendary Killa Klan. He is regarded by many to be one of the sickest rappers to have emerged from Houston's underground. His flow is straight raw and is delivered with a fast paced tongue twisting style. This is his debut solo album and it was released in 1997 on Beatbox Records. Production was done by Icey Hott, G-Rapp and Klondike Kat and it fits Pharoah like a glove. Featuring on the album are the Burton Boyz. Pharoah is currently incarcerated for armed robbery and attempted murder. He is serving a hefty fifty year sentence. Although now some say that he lost his mind due to smoking a ton of PCP but when he was in his prime, he was a runaway freight train that was impossible to stop.


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the whole album is good i'd say what you wanna in austin everybody who like's g shit knows roah. For the type of flow he's got he's the best i can think of.