Saturday, January 24, 2009

Icey Hott - School Zone 5 M.P.H.

Icey Hott - School Zone 5 M.P.H.
Icey Hott is a multi-talented artist from the neighborhood of Hiram Clarke in Houston, TX. Over the years he has grown into a solid rapper, a genuine producer and a very skilled DJ. This is one of the many mixtapes he has released in the underground. School Zone 5 M.P.H. dropped in 2000 on Bayou City Records. Icey Hott provides all the production along with his choice style of turntableism. He excellently rips through all the mixing, cutting and chopping. Some of the beats are borrowed from other artists but most of them are original. Lyrics consists of live freestyles, unreleased cuts and tight versatile flows. Featuring on the mixtape is Pharoah of Street Military, Klondike Kat of the South Park Coalition, Big D and Mafia Genie of the Killa Klan. Icey Hott has appeared on numerous records from the south and he continues his assault on the rap game with the release of his mixtapes. He is currently working on tracks for Lil' Flea's debut solo album.

Deadly Verses

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