Friday, January 16, 2009

Sess 4-5 - Nuthin But Fire

Sess 4-5 - Nuthin But Fire
Sess 4-5 is a rapper from New Orleans, LA. He first started off as a member of the group S.A.C. Mafia. He is also the founder of the independent record label known as Nuthin But Fire. This is his debut solo album and it was released in 2004 on Fat Boy Entertainment. Production was done by Sess and Frank D. The beats are dope and manage to hit hard. As always, that N.O. sound is pleasantly present. Lyrics are as the album title suggests, nothing but fire. Sess comes hard with his flow. He maintains the content with street cuts as well as some club bangers. Featuring artists are Dumo of S.A.C. Mafia, L.O.G., Soulja Slim, Lil' Ya of U.N.L.V., 5th Ward Weebie, Da Renegades, Mickey Da Kid, Girbaud, Yung Nut, Mr. Marcelo, Partners-N-Crime, Y.G.'z and Ms. Tee. The notable cast of guests makes this a very good debut album and one that is solid all throughout. Sess 4-5 plans to release his sophomore record called, "The Louisiana Purchase" in the upcoming months.

Deadly Verses
Gansta Sh!t ft. Soulja Slim & Mr. Marcelo


N0LA $ou1ja said...

The Louisiana Purchase hasn't been released yet. Comes out March 17.

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Rhodesicles said...

This album is a classic and sess is a modern gentleman. Nuthin But Fire is the best record store I've ever been to.