Monday, January 5, 2009

Tha Murda Weapon - Thank You

Tha Murda Weapon - Thank You
Tha Murda Weapon, also known as T.M.W., is a group from Dallas, TX. The members are Jay Mac and Shorty Da Man. They debuted with the album "A Rare Breed" in 1994. Thank You is their second album and it was released in 1998 on Shorty Records. Production was fabulously done by Shorty Da Man. The beats are simply synthetic and are oozing with melodies. The lyrics are very poetic and are filled with constant word play. Featuring on this record is Big Al of Nemesis. This is a true follow up for the first album and almost all seventeen tracks standout here. This album deeply contains raw content and that is the exact reason why it is so slept on. Overall a very dope record that maintains its' fine production and blends it with powerful yet heartfelt lyrics.

Deadly Verses
Gospel Of A Dying Breed


flauntou said...

man this album is so good, u have a rare breed?

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QDawg said...

Sorry I dont have A Rare Breed but I'll try to look for it.

K-211 said...

definitly a unique album