Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Criminal Elament - Undaground Railroad

Criminal Elament - Undaground Railroad
Criminal Elament was a group from the northside of Houston, TX. Members June Bugg, Lil' 5th, Ice Water Slaughter, Ice Picc, Folk and DJ Free returned with their second album. Undaground Railroad was released in 1996 on Dead Game Records. Production was handled by DJ Free, Blo-1 and Knee-Hi-Music. The beats are an impressive display of that southern funk. Samples, bass lines, keyboards and synths are all used equally and effectively. Lyrics are undeniably gangsta and they can range from fast paced flows to smooth laid back joints. Featuring artists are Young Gangstas, Trigga, Red Dog, B-Down, Tiger, Blackdocious, Cleveland Raspberry, Timothy Lewis and Darlene Hagan. Criminal Elament, along with the Trinity Garden Cartel paved the way for many artists emerging from the northside of Houston. Even though this was the last album they released as a group, their distinct underground sound refuses to be forgotten.


Attack_on_Babylon said...

This is a great album, for those of you wondering.

Ghoulface oneeihtseven said...

can u re-up please?