Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ras & Slaughter - Trinity Garden Reloaded

Lil' Rascal & Ice Water Slaughter are rappers from the northside of Houston, TX. Both of them have been around since the mid 90's and have released numerous records independently. This collaboration album was done in 2006 on BCD Music Group. Production was handled by Curtiss Bradford, Uncle Boudreaux and Big Money Dave. The beats are heavily laced with solid sample work. The producers also easily provide some southern funk for the trunk. The lyrics come directly out of harsh territory. Lil' Rascal is known for his distinct tone and strong word play while Ice Water is known for his rapid delivery and unmerciful content. Join and fuse these different styles together and the end result is a killer combination of back to back verses. Overall the album that does not disappoint and it focuses on the content rather than the rotational radio play. Also the record is dedicated to D, the leader of the legendary Trinity Garden Cartel, who is currently serving a 25 year prison sentence.

Deadly Verses

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