Tuesday, January 20, 2009

World Wide Riders - Make Em' Believe

World Wide Riders - Make Em' Believe
World Wide Riders is a group from Galveston Island, TX. The trio consists of Mista Hog, Jak Da Rippa and Sniper Rich. This is their debut album and it was released in 1999 on Salty Water Records. Production on this album is done by Icey Hott of Street Military, Klondike Kat of the South Park Coalition, Pancho V and Chocstilli. Beats are hard hitting and are strictly southern gangsta funk. Their flows are hardcore and fast paced. The lyrics are precisely rooted to each beat and are mixed very properly. Featuring on the record is PSK-13, South Park Mexican, Klondike Kat, Lifestyl, K.B. Da Kidnappa and Icey Hott of Street Military. Although this album was a strong effort by the group, it did not gain much attention due to its hard and unyielding nature.


ert said...

mad props on this one, been looking for it for a while

QDawg said...

No problem man, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Mayne hold up!!!!! 409 Fo Life!!!! This that boy T. Whiteley of that Island. Like Point Blank said...Fucking wit this click and we gon bring it to to azz.