Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fat Texas Records - Texas Made

Texas Made is a compilation disc that was released in 2000 by Fat Texas Records who are primarily based out of Dallas, TX. Michael Lopez is the CEO of the label and Michael Cardenas is his right hand man. This is their second release. The first one being "Family Tactics." Since this is a compilation, a gang of producers were used to make this project noteworthy. The beats are courtesy of Icey Hott of Street Military, KG, Avery Jones, Rebel, and Crank. The producers do a good job by providing that Texas style funk fused with that hard underground sound. A few tracks can be tossed out but for the most part all of them equally jam. Lyrics are done by K.B. Da Kidnappa & Icey Hott of Street Military, 3-2, Big Tee, Lil' Sen, Rebel, Tony Montana, Keys, J-Duce, Villian, Relentless Mafia, Miss Asia, and Carla McQueen. The pack of rappers listed above make sure they keep the lyrics very roguish. They team up with each other and start to pass the mic around. A good chunk of the track list really stands out while there are a few fillers. Also, all the tracks on this album have never been on any other album. Meaning tracks were precisely recorded just for this compilation so the material is at least genuinely fresh and not out dated. Overall it is a reputable effort but one that somehow went unnoticed. Fat Texas Records are defunct now but they will always be remembered and respected in the underground.

Deadly Verses
Texas Made

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Don't forget to mention Shady,Freddy loc,and big flake as part of Fat Texas