Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lil Walt - Devil's Dandruff

Lil Walt - Devil's Dandruff
Lil Walt is a rapper originally from Memphis, TN but has also held residence in Atlanta, GA. He is one third of the southern rap group known as "A-Dam-Shame." This is his second solo album and it was released in 2008 on Barons Music. The production is done by the very versatile and talented team known as Low Barons. It consists of G. Seth West, Jimmy Street, and Thomas Sentler. They lay out a completely unique platform for the beats. Some tracks incorporate live instruments while other are made conventionally. Head bobbing melodies and catchy tunes are served up with an utmost attention to detail. The producers end up bringing a very new and refreshing sound to the table. As far as the lyrics go, Walt has never disappointed on the microphone. Ever since his early days with A-Dam-Shame, he has been known to deliver profound rhymes with precise word play. He basically provides more of the same on this album. Guest appearances are made by Menace of A-Dam-Shame, Chattanooga Red, P.J., Mr. Mar, Moleone, G.r.u.d.g.e., Jackie Love, Corey Clark, T.m.a.n., Ryan Thies, and Michael Inge. A good total of twelve tracks are provided with a varied sense of subject matter. Overall it is a very notable release, especially considering the year it was released in. A good mixture of diversity is portrayed through the music and it shows that even in this day and age, an artist can release a successful record without following any kind of mainstream trends. Kudos and much respect is given to Lil Walt and Low Barons for making such a bold move and not thinking twice about it.

Deadly Verses

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