Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sircle Of Sin

Sircle Of Sin
Sircle Of Sin is a three man group from New Orleans, LA. It consists of Vile, Mr. Derek, and Meloo. This is their self titled debut album and it was released in 1996 on Southern Style Records. Production duties are assigned to Matt Buras and Ellis "Pops" Collinsworth. They provide that exemplary sound which "The Boot" is most known for. Instruments are put to good use and have been mixed and mastered beautifully. Tracks tend to be harsh and edgy yet they are still very subtle with melody. Sampling is kept to a minimum and originality is pursued with a passion. Each member is adequately accomplished as a lyricist. The trio don't waste any time and quickly start to trade verses back to back. Their narratives are depictions to the reality of street life and a man's self consciousness while living through it. This method retains the theme and sets the tone for the entire project. Featuring on the album is Lord Sepia and J. An ample total of eleven choice cuts are provided for the listener and each one tells a dope tale of its' own. Overall it is a very gloomy and sorrowful record and one that manages to deliver that exact point across. The album also happens to musically capture the true essence and genuine demeanor of the notorious city of New Orleans.

Deadly Verses
No Fear


Dylan Griggs said...

Such a great album. Used to bump this over and over. Did they release anything else? Also I believe they were affiliated with another group. Any idea what that groups name might be?

Will Smith said...

I’ve been searching for this album on eBay etc over the past few years and haven’t found it...please let me know if any of u have it and willing to sell it please!!