Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Young Bleed - My Own

Young Bleed is a rapper from Baton Rouge, LA. He is a member of the infamous Concentration Camp and is also very well respected through the southern region of the United States. He first started recording with fellow Baton Rouge rapper, C-Loc on C-Loc Records. He then had a joint venture with No Limit Records, who helped by releasing his debut album, "My Balls And My Word." After gaining a good amount of notoriety he decided to leave No Limit over creative differences and royalty issues. My Own is his sophomore album and it was released in 1999 on Priority Records. Production credits are courtesy of Brian "Big Bass" Gardner, Happy Perez, and Steven Below. The all star line up of producers bring forth some of the most harmonic melodies to come across a human ear. Each track is laced with a plethora of instruments this includes wailing guitars, menacing horns, scintillating synths, and of course a solid dose of ruthless drums. The end result is a masterpiece of twelve tracks laid out for Bleed to demolish with his vocal artistry. Young Bleed is hailed as one of the finest lyricist to emerge from the south. His word play is so unique that it is almost indescribable. His relaxing tone and his laid back persona go hand in hand. His rhyme pattern is also very unorthodox. Simply put, Bleed just savagely attacks the microphone. Guest appearances are made by Too $hort, Daz Dillinger, Lay-Lo, Lucky Knuckles, Gram, Uncle Pauly, and Jennifer Brumfield. Overall it is a complete and faultless work of art. This record is considered to be a timeless classic and it should be held in the collection of every southern rap fan.

Deadly Verses

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