Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Miagie - Young, Black & Thuggin'

Miagie - Young, Black & Thuggin
Miagie is a rapper originally from St. Martinville, LA but also holds residence in Houston, TX. Young, Black & Thuggin' is a mixtape he put together to announce his arrival to the underground rap scene. It was released in 2011 on Lone Wolf Records. Since this is a mixtape, the production credits are not valid. The beats are borrowed from other artists and are used generously throughout. However, the arranging and mixing are all original and are courtesy of Blaine and Q. The choice of instrumentals used are also very unique and unexpected. The project really shines in the lyrical category. Miagie can simply be described as one the most talented and gifted lyricist to emerge in this new era. His style and demeanor is strictly old school as well as being authentically southern. His tone and delivery are unparalleled and he conveys them in a distinguishably superb fashion. The subject matter is purely different and ultimately sets the tone for the length of the twenty tracks. Featuring on the mixtape are Q and Blaine. Although this project will be considered a mixtape, it is put together like an official album. It sounds and plays like a genuine record. An artist like Miagie only comes around once in a blue moon. Especially in this new generation of music where everything is watered down and records are made only to be played on the radio waves. This young man set himself apart from others by providing the music from his soul and by relaying a message through his songs. Nowadays that is considered to be a lost art. All in all it is a valiant effort and it conclusively puts him above the rest. In the end it also makes one wonder, what would happen if the rest of the world found out about Miagie?

Deadly Verses
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