Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Freaky-O - Stars N' Smoke

Freaky-O - Stars N' Smoke
Freaky-O is a rapper from Houston, TX. Stars N' Smoke is his debut album and it was released in 2001 on Moedee Entertainment. Bulk of the production is handled by D.O.C while Chikken Hawk chips in on a few tracks. The beats are made to cater towards the average southerner. They contain some head bopping melodies as well as that crisp southern fried groove. That mood is kept throughout but yet still provided with variety. Freaky-O is actually very well rounded on the mic. He delivers with a rapid pace and is more than capable with word play. His tone is what sets him apart from others. It is very distinct and has this harsh edginess to it. Sharp rhymes are worded together and are teamed with catchy hooks and choruses. Featuring on the album is Black Boy, Chikken Hawk, DLO, 356, Lo-Life, $kratch $krilla, and R.J. Despite the artist being from Houston, there are no big names on this record. That still does not stop the musical flow that is displayed. Although the album is deep in the underground, it is still very polished like a mainstream release. The collection of twelve tracks are portrayed with genuine artistry and dedication. The musicians and the production team took their time and made sure they put out something worth listening to. Overall the record deserves more credit than what it gained in the streets. Freaky-O also has plans for a sophomore release which is appropriately titled "Dead 2 The World."

Deadly Verses
On The Level

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