Friday, July 2, 2010

TIC - Untouchable

TIC which stands for The Intelligent Criminal, is an excellent rapper and a superb producer from Fort Worth, TX. He has been around since the mid nineties and has close ties with the Funky Town Killaz. Untouchable is his second solo album and it was released in 1997 on Boy-N-Girl Records. The precisely smooth production is split between Slack, Bishop "Stick" Burrell, and Tic himself. They team up to provide some of the most amazingly crisp yet strictly southern beats. All Instruments are used to their legitimate apex and sampling is kept to a minimum. Heavy drums, ideal bass lines and intoxicating synths are all presented with an utmost attention to detail. Tic's delivery on the microphone is something vicious indeed. He uses his hefty drawl and choice word play on every track. Lyrics are demonstrated with an accurate amount of flair and are thoroughly captivating. Also, his rhyme pattern is certainly genuine and incomparable to others. Guest appearances are made by the Funky Town Killaz, Keke, Bombay, Pitt, Patt, Rodney, Special K, Kim Reed, Sky, J.D., and K.D. All in all the album covers an ample measure of topics and subjects. The recipe used to create this project was simple but the outcome in return was much greater. The record can easily be placed in high regards due to its exquisite content and original nature. The album's vibe gives off an indescribable level of gratification which ends up making its' demeanor truly, untouchable.

Deadly Verses
Troubleman (Remix)


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Great Post! …. Thank you so much, its taken me forever to find this

Anonymous said...

propz man, great album and it's good to know something about TIC, keep it up, peace

Kasha Hunt said...

This album is phenomenal! I remember when it was being produced and the album release party! Tic was and is still doing it BIG in Texas!