Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tyght Wayz - Underground South

Tyght Wayz is a group from New Iberia, LA. It consists of Gangsta Mac, Phatt Daddy, Big Curb and Cash Flo. This is their third album and it was released in 2000 on Top Authority Records. Once again, all the production is provided by the one and only Gangsta Mac himself. He laced the beats up with multiple instruments and also bestows them with that southern flavor. They sound fairly dominant and they help accommodate the lyrics arguably well. All four members can spit. They take turns unleashing their various styles and incisive tones on the mic. None of them hold back, which in turn gives the album its' underground melody. Guest appearances are made by Gary Lee, Pahnub, Paperthin and Jarue. Overall the record can hold its own and it excels with commendable content. Tyght Wayz dropped their fourth album called "Ground Zero" in 2004. Their latest album called "Guaranteed Hustle" is yet to be released.

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