Thursday, April 23, 2009

K.E.V - Street Trophy

K.E.V is a rapper originally from Houston, TX. He later resided in Los Angles, CA where he went to school with the future Death Row Records artist, Kurupt. He was also a member of the group called Rap Mafia. Street Trophy is his debut solo album and it was released in 2005 on Centerline Entertainment. Production is provided by Willie Brown, Howard Lipp and Patrick Hildebrand. The beats are mostly derived through marvelous keyboarding. They contain steady rhythms and certainly hold an abundance of melodies. The record truly shines in the lyrical department instead of production wise. Rhymes are highly meaningful and K.E.V definitely spits them with a purpose. His tone is very distinct and simultaneously diverse. He also has a tremendous vocabulary and he uses it without hesitation. The core content is basically a perspective of life delivered through his thoughts and experiences. Overall the record precisely separates itself from the rest and the subject matter is easy to relate to. The album is also dedicated in the memory of four of his fallen comrades.


pjhildebrand1 said...

RIP K.E.V.! The streets win again. Damn shame!

lady said...

I missssss u so much lil bro. Gone but never forgotten. peace big sis