Wednesday, April 8, 2009

C-Nile - Whole Nother Level

C-Nile is a rapper from Mobile, AL. He has been around since the late 90's and is known for his profound delivery and brute rhymes. He was also a member of the local Houston crew known as the Straight Profit Block Bleeders. He debuted with the album, The Golden Child in 2001 on Gorilla Records. In 2003, the Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.) charged Gorilla Records and all its affiliates for operating a large scale cocaine ring. The rapper was ratted out by his label mates and had to plead guilty. He admitted to smuggling powder cocaine from Houston to Mobile, where it was cooked into crack and then sold. Authorities later said the organization was one of the largest distributors of crack in south Alabama and that the record label was created as a front to launder drug money. C-Nile was sentenced to serve nearly six years in prison and he was released around September of 2008. This is his first project since coming back from incarceration. Its a mix-tape that was released in December of 2008 on Cold Flame Entertainment. Production on the album is done by Shooby, Bullethead, Perion and Head 1. Some of the beats are borrowed from well known artists while most of them are original. They are a perfect blend of jamming hooks, melodic bass lines and rhythmical drums. C-Nile returns with a vengeance on the mic and basically commits lyrical homicide. His versatile rhymes are a showcase of true talent and charisma. He does not seem to miss a beat and he certainly titled the mix-tape appropriately. Guest appearances are made by The Last Mr. Bigg, Rich Boy, Hittman, Rellik, K.B., Multi, Tenika, L. Boogie, Big Braille, Filthy and Young Work. Overall the album is a solid effort and it does not disappoint with its lengthy content. It is also a reminder to the rap game as well as to the loyal fans, that C-Nile is still as cold and commanding as he was when he left.

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Much thanks to the homie Cash for providing this one.