Tuesday, April 21, 2009

X-Bam Compilation - The Classics

X-Bam Compilation - The Classics
X-Bam Records was a record label from Houston, TX. It was founded by Bam in the mid 90's. The label served as a home to many members of the notorious Killa Klan. It was later shut down due to financial issues. The Classics is basically a compilation album that was released in 2007 on One Stop Entertainment. The record is magnificently produced by the likes of Scarface, T-Mixx, MJG, Icey Hott of Street Military, G-Rapp The General, Doc Doom and Rodney Ex. The beats are a perfect blend of rhytmical synths and sublime bass lines. They represent that classic underground sound that Houston was known for. The lyrics are abstract, yet rough. They contain various word schemes as well as some rapid inflections. The rhymes are courtesy of the Fakkulty, Pharoah, Bam, K.B Da Kidnappa, Lil' Flea, Papa Reu, Ronnie Spencer and Montina Cooper. Overall its a 17 track album that is fine picked and is derived from many underground hits. It also commemorates the legacy left behind by the legandary Killa Klan. In the words of the invincible Pharoah, "....salute the double K's."


CVNEAT91POST said...

Gulf Coast Compilation

Anonymous said...

Say had that disc since it first dropped I got jacked know where I can get a new copy been looking for years now cant find it if u know willing to pay my # is 713 248 5423 im j.r