Saturday, April 25, 2009

P.K.O. - Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia

P.K.O. - Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia
P.K.O. is a group from San Antonio, TX. Their name stands for Pounds, Keys and Ounces. It originally started off with Pony J and Magic Mark. Later on the group added more members like K-Sam and Kottonmouth. This is their fourth album and it was released in 1994 on Youngsta Records. Production was handled by Magic Mark, K-Mac, Dave Rosenblad and Mike E.D. The beats carry that southern funk sound and they certainly compliment the lyrics well. Both members deliver with utter energy and their rhymes are straight out of explicit territory. The energy is kicked off from the first track and maintains the same level of intensity to the last one. Featuring on the album is Ron C and C-Lo. All in all the album displays various mastery of skills and it does not fall short. It was also considered as an important step in the groups' commencement.

Deadly Verses
Nino (Rox II Riches 2)

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