Friday, April 10, 2009

Soldiers United 4 Cash - On The Southside
On The Southside is a compilation album by rappers from Houston, TX. It was released in 2005 on Starz Music, after the death of the legendary DJ Screw. Although there is no original or authentic DJ Screw material on here, it does have members of the Screwed Up Click. Production is done by TJ and it is mediocre at best. Some of the beats standout but the rest seem to be one dimensional. Lyrics are decent as well. Once again, some of them shine and others tend to be fillers. Featuring artists are Z-Ro, Dat Boy Grace, Al-D, Trae, Will Lean, Lil' Flip, Playa Dee, Lil' Ron of the Swisha House, Def Souf, Solo-D, Lil' Q, Big Shasta, Mobb Figgaz, JJ and Fila. Also the album cover holds the "Parental Advisory" tag but some of the lyrics are censored. Overall the record sustains suitable content and it is worth a listen. Starz Music tried to capitalize on DJ Screw's name and his legacy but ended up with an indifferent effort.