Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Zed Zilla - Da Franchise

Zed Zilla is a rapper that represents from the sprawling streets of Memphis, TN. An accomplished artist who has been recording since he was fifteen years old. His alias was given to him by a close friend who described his as the legendary fire breathing monster Godzilla, due to his vocal flair on the microphone. He was discovered by Yo Gotti, who immediately saw the raw talents of Zed and quickly began to mentor him. Da Franchise is his debut album and it was released in 2003 on Open Mouth Entertainment. Production on this joint is provided by the veteran, Blackout. He brings his intense style of craftsmanship to the table. A style that incorporates heavy sampling as the main hook and then builds upon it with a rapid cadence of drums and bass. This method is used throughout and tends to be a perfect fit for the artist. Lyrically Zed Zilla is quite strong on the microphone. His flow is fired quickly and energetically. His tone is somewhat sharp and his use of word play is clever. There are times when he does get a bit repetitive but the album is so well spaced that it is hardly noticeable. Guest appearances are made by Terror, Mon Goddi, Young Assassins, Lil Bird, Cardell, Pasae Watkins, Mac E, Stebo, Bigg Baby, Playboy and C.E.O. All in all, this is a substantial release by the artist that closes out at a total of fifteen tracks. The versatility that the record displays gives it the longevity that most desire. While Zed is still going strong in the rap industry today, most have forgotten his humble beginnings. This release stands as a testament for them and shines like a jewel from the boulevards of South Memphis.

Deadly Verses
Ying Yang ft. Mon Goddi, Bigg Baby & Terror

Album Notes
* Zed Zilla has also recorded under the alias, Lil' Zed.

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